Founded in 2015, Visuluma is a software and technology services firm that helps its clients capitalize on the wealth of information contained in their enterprise systems. We provide the tools, business-process knowledge, and the application integration expertise to create solutions that turn enterprise data into business intelligence.

What We Do

We built Visuluma on a single purpose: to use our deep industry experience, techonology expertise, and solutions portfolio to deliver the right business results, on time and on budget. Committed to delivering innovation, Visuluma collaborates with its clients to help them improve decision-making, enhance strategic planning, and increase the overall value, visibility and availability of their information.
Visuluma delivers solutions, not software. We strive to solve real problems of our clients, our software is just another tool in our arsenal. We develop in client's problem domain, learn and use target sectors' terminology and business processes. Our client-focused design and tailored solutions increase productivity, reduce costs and maximize returns on existing investments.

Working Together with Us Means:

♦ Focus on long-term partneships, rather than traditional vendor/customer roles
♦ Low software cost, comprehensive, all inclusive support, free product upgrades
♦ Direct feedback loop into our development and maintenance cycle
♦ Highly configurable systems and components, flexible easy-to-use software
♦ Emphasis on open standards and interoperability
♦ Extensive platform support

Our suite of products are based on a transactional web-to-enterprise framework that is designed to bring together heterogenous systems and databases into a consistent, easy-to-use web information system. It utilizes the latest web technologies and standards for a consistent, flexible, and responsive user experience.

Alchemy ERP is a modular ERP solution developed for high value add, high technology manufacturing industries and targeted to mid to large-size Aerospace and Defense (A&D) manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors. A fully integrated solution, it gives you engineer-to-order ERP capabilities that increase business performance visibility, optimize business processes, and minimize the software customizations needed to obtain and keep that competitive edge. It complies to MMAS DFAR regulations for government contract management with automated audits transaction history tracking.


Alchemy engineering module is an end-to-end product lifecyle management solution that supports multiple Bill of Materials (BOM) for planning, design, engineering and manufacturing with engineering change level (ECL) tracking. It automatically pulls BOM data from various design and drawing systems and supports the full sprectrum of engineering deliverables such as specs, designs, drawings, test results, analyses, routings etc. Fully integrated with Alchemy workflow module, it collects required approvals, application data and documents at each step.
It facilitates concurrent engineering by bringing together design, manufacturing and component engineers in Integrated Product Teams (IPT) where approved parts lists (APL), alternate/select parts and preferred components are developed on a project/contract basis. It tracks component obsolescense and sends end-of-life notifications and alerts.


Alchemy ERP Manufacturing is designed for industries that manufacture complex highly engineered products with longer product cycle times. These high technology, high-value-add products have deep BOM structures, are engineered-to-order with strict regulatory/customer oversight and require a high level of manual assembly by skilled labor.
In Alchemy, assemblies are manufactured in discrete works orders (WO) which have their own custom BOM's and routing sequences with decision points, approvals and loops along the way. WO's capture full component trace with lot and serial numbers, reference designators, alternate/select part usage along with scrap and returns. It closes the loop on engineering changes with automated BOM comparisions and is fully integrated with Alchemy engineering. Failed subassemblies at higher levels of integration are reworked/repaired in place thus preserve trace accuracy and improve post assembly servicability.
Each WO is tied to a project/WBS which allows milestone tracking, contract compliance verification and earned value calculations. Labor is collected at process step level either automatically or via timesheet approval process


Alchemy manages stock-room and work-in-progress (WIP) inventory via unique inventory control numbers (ICN) that ensures strict compliance with project requirements for material planning, commingling, use, consumption, transfer and disposition. Material can be issued to WO's manually or via optimized store kits. Manufacturing planners can also automatically issue WIP inventory to WO's via the backflush mechanism where all project sharing, alternate parts usage and WIP location rules are followed to ensure trace accuracy.
Inventory is tracked by its configuration (lot number, serial number, ECL), ownership (project, WBS), location (warehouse, bin), availability (quantity, shelf_life) and actual cost. Quarantined or failed ICN's are locked to prevent accidental consumption. All transactions (receipt, issue, scrap, transfer, move, split) are logged providing a full inventory history.


Alchemy project management module is a full project life cycle tracking system where actual costs are collected and measured against estimates for each project deliverable and project progress and earned value is calculated in real-time. Metrics at multiple levels of organizational hierarchy provide insights into cost and schedule performance. Since actual material and labor costs associated with WO's, procurement and inventory are posted as the tasks are completed, progress billing and finance integration becomes simpler and more accurate.
Alchemy captures and enforces contract commitments (planning, procurement, sharing, disposition) at the project level, providing electronic proof of compliance at the push of a button. Management dashboards with high level key performance indicators (KPI), metrics and charts provide timely decision support and strategic planning visibility. At the same time operational dashboards facilitate prioritizing outstanding work while responding to daily challenges and exceptions.


The dynamic nature of discrete manufacturing coupled with its Just-in-Time (JIT) approach makes SCM a challenge for design-to-order production. Alchemy addresses this issue by bringing component engineers into the supplier certification and procurement process. Using this approach, Alchemy MRP creates purchase requisitions with the approved suppliers for the project already selected and trace/quality requirements attached. Buyers can approve and issue Purchase Orders (PO) for these requisitions directly. On-going PO management is similarly automated where MRP recommended actions on PO delivery schedule and levels are executed by the buyer.
SCM module ensures that purchased sub assemblies meet trace requirements by automatically creating Supplier WO's and populating them using supplier provided data where applicable. Similarly purchased part configuration (ECL, supplier lot no, serial no) and actual costs are captured as part of PO receipt process.


Alchemy MRP is a project based MRP system that utilizes project master production schedule (MPS) and BOM's (planning, engineeering, manufacturing and WO as applicable) to generate time-phased requirements based on part lead times (optionally overriden at the BOM component level) that are matched to supply (inventory, PO, WO) based on project ownership, sharing criteria and schedule constraints. It creates planned requisitions and WO's to satisfy outstanding demand. The system facilitates alternate part utilization, consumption of excess project inventory and generates action messages for part planners to reschedule, cancel, or release PO's and WO's.
Alchemy MRP also allows unlimited number of "What-If" scenarios where impact of various events (e.g. "New Contract Acquisition", "Loss of a Partially Completed Product", "Proposal Cost Analysis", "Supply Chain Interruption" etc.) can be simulated without affecting the actual production plan.


Process Automation module is a business process modeling and workflow execution system. It allows organizations to capture, standardize and automate their business processes. It supports automatic activity routing via customizable workflows, task automation via activity level triggers, alerts and notifications. Its flowcharting logic can be used to collect approvals, electronic sign-off's, task assignments and decision points. It includes a document repository, team collaboration functionality and resource utilization and performance metrics.
Process automation is used extensively by other Alchemy modules. It is an integral part of WO routing, PO approval, component analysis and engineering document development processes.

ABI is a comprehensive data analysis, reporting and integration platform. It provides organizations real-time actionable insight into their business performance backed by operational data from corporate ERP systems and data warehouses. ABI dashboards deliver key metrics in easy to comprehend, visually compelling, interactive charts and gauges.
ABI includes enterprise class reporting solutions that include operational reports for your ERP platform that can be customized/extended by users themselves. All reports are available via web and can be exported to Excel, PDF, MS/Project and other desktop productivity tools.

ABI supports most ERP systems and a variety of RDBMS's; it combines data from multiple operational data stores into a single consistent data analysis and decision support platform. ABI encourages guided exploration, analysis, and reporting of business information with drill-down, drill-across, slice and dice options.